Psychotherapy, also referred to as counselling, can help you process difficult feelings and navigate through life’s challenging situations.

Workshops And Events

Are you ready to return to yourself? Check this space to find out about healing workshops and events aimed at bringing you home to yourself.


An antidote to the negative images and messages perpetuated about black women and girls. A collective stand against the stereotyping we face daily. Black women expressing our solidarity with each other. A phrase for uplifting black femalehood. A loud cry of YES, WE CAN! – be our best selves, be at the centre of telling our own stories, of creating images that reflect how we see ourselves, of inspiring each other and of defining who we are.


Are you a black woman looking for culturally appropriate mental health and other personal growth services? Are you tired of being misrepresented, misunderstood, decontextualised or simply not seen? Do you long to live and thrive in your skin as everything that you are? Are you ready to take back the authorship of your identity?

Many black women are looking for ways of rebuilding their identities, embracing their authentic Africanness and reconnecting with their spiritual roots. Many of us have internalised the pervasive negative images and perceptions of what it means to be a black woman thrown at us from all directions. This affects our self-esteem, our mental health and what roles we can imagine ourselves in.

Often when we seek professional help, we meet with the very same negativity that we are trying to heal from through psychotherapy and coaching experiences. I work with black women to redefine our identities, construct a positive black and/or African identity, and work through any mental health or personal growth issues brought to the table by each woman.

Welcome to this space, where I hope you will find what you are looking for. I work in many different ways to support your healing and growth, but at the center of my approach is a Womanist and Pan-African perspective. As well, I work from an African spiritual perspective. Please browse through these pages and discover which way would best serve you.