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About me

My name is Yema Ferreira and I am a healer, psychotherapist and life coach. My mission is to spiritually liberate black and African people all over the world, and to be part of the movement to heal the collective trauma of black people and people of African descent resultant from slavery, colonization and neo-colonialism. Part of this process is to retrieve our History – our individual personal histories, our family and community histories, our national histories and, importantly, our pre-colonial history as a People.


I have known from a very early age that I was here to work with people therapeutically to resolve trauma.  To that end I studied Psychology at undergraduate level at Temple University in Philadelphia (USA), and later began my training in Existential Psychotherapy at Psykoterapeutisk Institut in Denmark. I have since obtained a Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling from Regents University London, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling from the same university. I am currently a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


Although psychotherapy helped me to develop my practice in important ways, it turned out to be only part of what I needed to take on my task. And so, I went on to do some Coaching training and to study and explore spirituality as well, in order to further develop my natural gifts. As a result, I use a blend of all these skills acquired and deepened in different ways in my work with women.




Yema Ferreira

My professional roots are in the women’s movement, working as a counsellor for women survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. I worked for a community organisation called Women Organized Against Rape, Philadelphia’s official Rape Crisis Centre, doing crisis counselling for rape survivors on a help line and hospital emergency room (A&E). I also worked for the Bilingual Domestic Violence Project, in another Philadelphia organisation, providing domestic violence counselling on an individual and group basis for women experiencing or recovering from domestic violence.

In other capacities which involved using my organising and facilitating skills, I worked for the Angolan network of women’s organisations, Rede Mulher, a refuge for women fleeing domestic violence situations in Denmark, and an HIV testing and counselling point for minorities in Denmark.

In the UK, in a counselling and psychotherapy capacity, I work with women who have experienced various forms of Violence Against Women, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and trafficking, to name a few. I have also helped diverse clients through trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, coping with a chronic illness among other difficulties.

As a black and African woman in the psychotherapeutic and coaching worlds, I have been very aware of the great insufficiencies in addressing the specific needs of black women, and I have made it my mission to fill that gap. Click here to learn more about how I work.

Ana, London

I was a bit stuck in my life. There were things I wanted to do and things I had to do, and both worlds became too overwhelming, and I did nothing. The workshop helped me create a map to navigate through my self-doubt and keep me moving. It gave me the tools to help focus my thought, language and communication into action. Every time I lose sight of my intention, I look at my vision board, and I can pick myself up again and carry on.

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Yema Ferreira

This is #SelfCareWednesday, a reminder to make time for your self-care. A 20-minute walk in the park or another nature environment can go a long way in maintaining or improving your wellbeing. ... See MoreSee Less

This is #SelfCareWednesday, a reminder to make time for your self-care. A 20-minute walk in the park or another nature environment can go a long way in maintaining or improving your wellbeing.
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Healing is not a privilege, it is the birthright of us all. Don't let circumstances, whether material or otherwise keep you stuck. In this blog post, I show you how to take healing matters into your own hands.

Psychotherapy for #BlackWomen because the time has come for #healingthesoul check out my Facebook page for more information https://t.co/LalW86Lzo1

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