How I Work

Many factors – personal and professional experiences, training and spiritual seeking – have combined to create what has become my practice. My lived experiences are as important as my training in the way that I approach my work with clients. I am interested in the intersection of personal development, spiritual health, and mental health; and my practice reflects this focus. In addition, I work from a woman-centered, pan-African perspective.


The ability to look at the whole person is what informs my work. Integrating mind, body, and spirit and combining age-old wisdom with modern psychotherapeutic knowledge and techniques to give you a holistic self-actualizing experience is central to my approach. What further makes my offering unique is my special focus on putting these tools at the service of black women who want to honor their authentic identities while healing. I am also a great believer in self-healing and, in that sense, see myself as a mere facilitator of my clients’ healing. Part of my job is to help you learn to tap into your own natural self-healing abilities. Every individual is unique, and for this reason, I respond to the individual, allowing each client to guide me in the way I work with them.


An important aspect of how I work is to attend to the spiritual dimension of our human experience, to help clients garner the transformative power of this internal resource. In this regard, I work mainly from an African spiritual perspective but integrate other spiritual traditions as well.


When relevant, specific powerful techniques such as journaling, contact with nature and working with images are employed.


While I work primarily with black/African women and women of African descent, I am routinely approached by other people of color who feel that my experience can benefit them, and they are very welcome in my practice.


I offer face-to-face sessions in Copenhagen where I am based and online sessions for people elsewhere in Europe and in Africa.


I work in English, Portuguese and French.